A project of the Center for Community Change

About FIRM

Fair Immigration Reform Movement

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement is a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.

We are led by the Immigrant Organizing Committee, a group of 30 organizations committed to immigrant rights from across the country.


FIRM’s History and Mission

Since 2000, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) has been the meeting place and united voice of the dynamic grassroots movement advocating for comprehensive immigration reform and the civil rights of immigrants in America.

FIRM is a project of the Center for Community Change, a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of low-income people and people of color.  FIRM is led by its member organizations and brings leaders together across lines of race, issues and geography to multiply their power. FIRM is dedicated to organizing and building grassroots power and leadership.

The hundreds of organizations involved in FIRM come from every state in the nation and have deep roots in their local communities.  In 2006, these groups were the cornerstone of the people-led movement that derailed the inhumane and unworkable immigration laws pushed by Congressional leaders.

In 2007 and beyond, FIRM organizations will lead the push towards a humane and comprehensive immigration reform package that lives up to the best American values and which honors America’s rich history as a nation of immigrants.

FIRM is deeply committed to long-term social change.  Every day, FIRM organizations feel the crushing impact that America’s broken immigration system has on immigrant families.  And every day, FIRM leaders personify and project the uplifting spirit of hope found in immigrant communities from New York to Kansas City to Los Angeles.

FIRM leaders understand that changing the law is only one piece of our collective mission.  FIRM organizations are dedicated to:

  • Help local immigrant rights organizations to become increasingly powerful voices for their communities.
  • Support and organize youth leadership in our communities to give the next generation of immigrant community leaders a collective national voice.
  • Facilitate cross-cultural alliance building among America’s diverse immigrant communities and native-born low-income and people of color communities.
  • Contribute to our democracy through deep political education and increases in  the number of immigrants who achieve legal status and who become citizens and voters.
  • Provide tools, information and strategic assistance to local organizations to make positive policy changes at the local, state and national levels.
  • Create opportunities for immigrant community leaders from around the nation to learn from one another, help each other overcome obstacles and aggregate their collective power.